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Fonterra Farm Source

Helping Fonterra define, design and build an integrated clicks and mortar business.

Launch site

Digital strategy and business case

In the rural supplies market, the physical channels dominates the purchase decision. We worked with Fonterra Farm Source (Previously known as RD1), NZ farmers and a partner research agency (TRA) to identify the digital opportunity, visualise the future experience and define a pragmatic digital transformation roadmap enabling Fonterra to transition from a "Bricks and mortar", to an integrated "clicks and mortar" business model.

Designing multi-channel experiences

The role of digital is to support staff, and provide better service to Farm Source customers. We designed the website to work in harmony with the stores, letting customers get in touch easily and shop the way that suits them.

We worked closely with the Farm Source technology team to develop user experiences and designs that could be implemented on their core content, product and distribution systems.