Helping the world make the leap to mobile.



Crafting a mobile first brand experience within the digital world.

Reducing and consolidating content

There was a opportunity to restructure the website to be more effective and concise. Throughout this process we re-prioritised content groupings and consolidated thousands of pages into less than fifty pages.

Creating a fluid experience across the brand

One of the goals was to create a channel for Fonterra to create a better experience between the online and offline content they have. This included finding a logical home for complementary website content following television commercials and print campaigns.

Introducing a modular design

Alongside the redesign of was a the move onto a new CMS managed platform for future proofing. This introduced components and a modular system for easy of re-use down the line without complications.

The component based design approach ensures design are efficient and that there is a consistent design language applied mobile and through to desktop.