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Genesis Energy

Placing customer experience at the centre of the mobile first redesign of My Account.

Launch site

Best Awards
UX / Optimising
Finalist 2017

Self Service portal

Following the success of the Genesis Mobile App, along with increased mobile device use from their customers, Genesis were keen to extend the app experience to their self service web app.

Mobile first

We transported the learnings, experience and customer feedback we gained creating their app, and brought it to web. There was some increased complexity as existing features were extended along with a desire for more space to promote their services.

Throughout this process we created a consistent user experience across Genesis’ self service portals. By using a mobile first approach, the result was a fully optimised web based experience for mobile users.

Common design family

We leveraged a common design family and were able to re-use many existing elements and design styles set in the mobile app, providing a consistent user experience from the app through to the desktop platform.

Genesis’ limited colour palette required us to utilise their orange and create a warm and welcoming experience without being too overpowering.

Everyday usability

With the increase of self-service capabilities, the website will very much become the face of Genesis customer service. The site’s IA has driven a friendly user experience, allowing customers to see their usage across properties at a glance, easily pay their bills, save credit card details and add new services to a property.

Customer led design

Additional space available on screen presented a raft of opportunities and challenges regarding what information should be presented to customers. We worked with customers to understand how best to utilise this new space based on their information needs and priorities.

We ran sessions with a broad range of customers, where they were able to effectively structure their own information hierarchy. These sessions allowed us to identify common themes and ensure the end experience would suit a diverse group.

Component library

A component based approach gave us the flexibility to cater to multiple use cases including multiple billing and customer usage scenarios.

We provided a library of reusable components for the developers to make the build simpler and more consistent.