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Report a sighting of one of the last 55 Maui’s dolphins from your mobile.

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Our first pro-bono app

WWF came in for a meeting and won the hearts of our designers, who begged us to do the project when they discovered an infant Maui’s dolphin is the size of a rugby ball.....awwwwww

About the Maui’s

We teamed up with WWF-New Zealand to make it easy for boaties, surfers and beach goers to report sightings of the world’s smallest and rarest marine dolphin. There are only around 55 dolphins left, so every sighting helps.

Report a sighting

The app allows users to easily report sightings, including time, date and location using GPS coordinates. The information is collected by WWF, and the report is verified by an independent dolphin expert. It is then shared with DOC, the government and scientists to advocate for full protection of Maui’s dolphins.