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Application Design
Finalist 2014

Powershop iPhone and Android apps

When Powershop approached us to help them dive head-first into the mobile age, we livened-up the energy sector by making power usage interesting and engaging for its customers.

We worked with Powershop to bring these goals to reality and, in August 2013, we launched the world’s first ‘power company in your pocket’.

Design direction

Our aim was to make the mobile app both useful and delightful, with a beautiful user interface that people would notice and talk about.

As we tested the market’s appetite for a power company in their pocket, it was clear the visual design and transitions were integral to communicating the brand and engaging customers.

We designed the interface with a dark background, using Powershops’ distinctive hot pink teamed with an optimistic green, glowing like an electronic appliance at night.

Native build

We built the experience as native apps for both iOS and Android, allowing high-performance and an amped-up experience, giving our designers the freedom to push the envelope beyond the usual tabular data and simple graphs.

Using OpenGL, we were able to prototype a seamless 3D transition between a donut and trend graph. A quick swipe and the transition happens like magic, taking what would normally be boring graphical data and making it appealing, fun and delightful.

Making things easier

Everyday tasks are made easy with simple and intuitive tools. Tools are considered in context with what the user is doing - a torch is provided with the meter reading feature.