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Statistics New Zealand

Moving data collection from a paper-based to an intuitive digital process.

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Best Awards
Application Design
Finalist 2016

User focused design

Alphero partnered with Fronde to create a workforce productivity app for Statistics New Zealand.

The app was created to help users manage their workload. It needed to cater to a wide range of people with different needs; from everyday users to short-term census collectors.

This put the focus on creating a clean intuitive app which was quick to pick up and easy to use.

Integrating with Salesforce and Chatter

This native Android application integrates with Salesforce using the Salesforce SDK and active Android ORM.

We used Chatter to notify users of important updates, Chatter allows users to deep-link notifications into specific tasks.

Offline mode and syncing

The app has an online and offline mode. While offline field workers can view and complete their synced tasks allowing them to continue their work without an internet connection. When they are connected, they can sync their completed tasks and download new ones.

I’ve had really positive feedback from staff. It’s easy to use, has a lot of functionality and the fact that it works seamlessly whether you are online or offline is fantastic.

Sarah Minson
Senior Manager Operations Strategy and Development