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We are Westpac’s preferred partner for mobile apps and digital innovation.

June 2015

Apple Watch innovation

We were given the brief to help the bank explore customer experiences for extending their services into Apple wearable technologies.

Accessing bank services on an Apple watch is all about enabling convenience. Users are able to access high use functions in a completely new form of interaction. They can sneak peeks at notifications, or quietly tap their watches to access micro services without being obvious. Our challenge was to design an app that made the most of this info-snacking behaviour.

Perfecting Payments

This concept and innovation design for Westpac Digital Wallet looks to address a whole new age of payments. Simplicity is key and the single screen design leverages animations and transitions to optimise the experience and reduce clutter on the screen making the payment flow straightforward and effortless.

Best Awards
Application Design
Winner 2015

Cash critter savings app

The app needed to provide a physical experience that translated the concept that a coin in hand is as real as a coin in the bank. The parent’s view was deliberately left “bank-y” to align with brand. The kids’ view was designed using a flat 2D game style.

Designers worked closely with developers with all animations produced in After Effects, and developers leveraged the Cocos2D gaming framework.

Best Awards
Application Design
Finalist 2014

"Cash Critter was one of those projects that came out of nowhere. We had a completely new idea, a virtually non-existent time frame and limited budget.

With requirements scribbled on the back of an envelope this needed a fast evaluation and design period, some quick and pragmatic decisions before a very rapid and agile development process. Alphero’s part was pretty much the whole value chain, playing critical roles from concept and design through to development and deployment.

Their ability to think creatively, design quickly and code to a high standard is why Alphero continues to be our preferred mobile partner."

Senior Manager Digital Innovation
Westpac New Zealand

Nov 2012 - Jan 2015

Westpac banking iPhone & iPad app

Two of the earliest high profile apps we delivered (iPad in November 2012, iPhone in March 2013). These apps are now superceded by Westpac One for mobile banking.

We are still proud of the elegant experiences these apps provided Westpac customers doing everyday banking on their mobile or iPad.

We are even prouder of the rapid time to market from blank piece of paper to full featured apps.

Tabby Awards Winner 2013
Personal Finance

Feb 2014

Biometric innovation

We were provided with a pre-production Galaxy S5 featuring a fingerprint scanner.

Our goal was to integrate the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner into Westpac’s mobile banking app and validate the user experience.

Best Awards
Finalist 2014

Mar 2014

Google Glass innovation

Accessing bank services via Google Glass brings a new dimension into UX thinking.

The real challenge is making the voice-commanded interactive workflow intuitive when combined with touch actions on the Glass frame – particularly for multi-stepped interactions or transactions such as funds transfer.